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ICHD / Guidelines

All Guidelines, Reports and Recommendations published by IHS are accessible below. Guidelines published by National Society Members and submitted for publication on this site are also accessible. Not all of these can be copied, saved or printed. 

Please note that many guidelines are in PDF format which require Acrobat Reader in order to view. You can download Acrobat Reader via the link below.

Further information:

Contact: Carol Taylor
Related Website: Adobe Acrobat Reader



Classification (3rd Edition) Guidelines:

> International Classification of Headache Disorders (3rd edition)
> IHCD-3 Abbreviated Pocket Version
> ICHD-3 Chinese translation
> ICHD-3 German translation
> ICHD-3 Korean translation
> ICHD-3 Portuguese translation
> ICHD-3 Spanish translation

Classification (3rd Edition-beta) Guidelines:

> ICHD-3 field testing
> ICHD-3-beta - Chinese translation
> Classificazione Internazionale delle Cefalee - ICHD-3-beta Italian translation
> ICHD-3 beta - Japanese translation. A link to the Japanese website which includes divided pages of the pdf can be found HERE
> Classifição Internacional de Cefaleias – 3a Edição - ICHD-3 Portuguese translation
> Serbian translation (ICHD-3 beta) - Medunarodna Klasifikacija Glavobolja 3 Izdanje
> III Edición de la Clasificación Internacional de las Cefaleas - ICHD-3 Spanish translation

Classification (2nd Edition - 1st Revision) Guidelines:

> Revision of criteria 8.2 Medication Overuse Headache
> New appendix criteria open for a broader concept of chronic migraine
> ICHD-II Full Version

Classification (1st Edition) Guidelines:

> International Classification of Headache Disorders (1st edition)

Clinical Trials (Recommendations) Guidelines:

Cluster headache

> Guidelines for Controlled Trials of Drugs in Cluster Headache (1995)


> Guidelines for controlled trials of preventive treatment of chronic migraine in adults (2018)
> Guidelines for Controlled Trials of Prophylactic Treatment of Chronic Migraine in Adults (2008)
> Guidelines for Controlled Trials of Drugs in Migraine, 1st edition (1991)
> Guidelines for Controlled Trials of Drugs in Migraine: 2nd Edition (2000)
> Evaluation and Registration of Adverse Events in Clinical Drug Trials in Migraine (2008)
> Guidelines for Controlled Trials of Drugs in Migraine, 3rd ed. A guide for investigators (2012)

Tension-type headache

> Guidelines for Trials of Drug Treatments in Tension-type Headache (1995)
> Guideline for Controlled Trials of Drugs in Tension-type Headache: Second Edition (2010)

Ethics Guidelines:

> Ethical Issues Arising from Commercial Sponsorship and from Relationships with the Pharmaceutic Industry - Report and Recommendations of the Ethics Subcommittee of the International Headache Society
> Ethical Issues in Headache Research & Management

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