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Congress & calendar

The International Headache Congress (IHC) is held every second year. The venue is selected by the IHS Professional Congress Organiser.

The local Affiliate Society is involved in the organisation, working in conjunction with MCI. The Scientific Programme Committee is appointed by IHS in a procedure overseen by the Board of Trustees and the Science and Research Standing Committee four years ahead of the event.

Further information
Contact: Carol Taylor

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Previous Congresses

1983 Munich, organised by V Pfaffenrath
1985 Copenhagen, organised by J Olesen
1987 Florence, organised by F Sicuteri
1989 Sydney, organised by J W Lance
1991 Washington DC, organised by N Mathew
1993 Paris, organised by M-G Bousser
1995 Toronto, organised by M Gawel
1997 Amsterdam, organised by M Ferrari and J Schoenen
1999 Barcelona, organised by Felix Titus and Miguel J A Láinez
2001 New York City, organised by Richard Lipton and Fred Sheftell
2003 Rome, organised by Virgilio Gallai & Giuseppe Nappi
2005 Kyoto, Japan, organised by Fumihiko Sakai
2007 Stockholm, Sweden, organised by Carl Dahlof and Lars Edvinsson
2009 Philadelphia, USA, organised by David Dodick and Stephen Silberstein
2011 Berlin, Germany, organised by Hans-Christoph Diener and Stefan Evers
2013 Boston, USA, organised by Peter Goadsby and Elizabeth Loder
2015 Valencia, Spain, organised by Alan Rapoport and Miguel Lainez
2017 Vancouver, Canada, organised by David Dodick and Werner Becker
2019 Dublin, Ireland, organised by Lars Edvinsson and Martin Ruttledge

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