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Board & committees

Board of Trustees

The 12 members of the Board of Trustees include the four Officers of the Society (President, President-elect, Treasurer and Secretary). The President, President-elect and six Trustees are elected by the membership; three Trustees are appointed to add under-represented perspectives and/or specific expertise to the Board. The elected members are elected to 2-year terms of office by the membership during the AGM held during the International Headache Congress, automatically renewable for a second 2-year term. Any standard member of the Society may be nominated to join the Board of Trustees. Additional Trustees can be Co-opted by the Board to serve a 2-year term.

Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups

The Society's 20 Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups each have a specific role and advise the Board of Trustees on particular aspects of the business and/or functions of the Society. Each has a Chairman appointed by the Board of Trustees who must be a member of the Society. There are standing and ad-hoc Standing Committees. Both have prescribed areas of responsibility, standing committees remaining permanently in place with continuous activities or functions, ad-hoc being reconstituted from time to time to carry out particular initiatives. The Linguistic Special Interest Groups have more general responsibility for promoting the Society's objectives amongst those whose first language is not English. Click on the individual Committees in the menu below for details of each Committee's aims and activities together with the names and contact details of the Chairmen and members.

Select individual committees from the drop-down menu for remit, members and activitites.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of the Chairmen of the Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups and the elected representatives of member National Societies. The Advisory Council meets annually to report their activities and give advice to the Board of Trustees. 

Task Forces

The Board of Trustees and Standing Committees can create Task Forces as required to undertake specific one-off time-limited activities.


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  • Jose Maria Pereira Monteiro (Portugal)
    Institution: Hospital Santo António
    Country: Portugal

    José Maria Pereira Monteiro, MD, PhD, is Aggregated Professor of Neurology of the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar of the University of Porto, Consultant of Neurology, Founder and Chairman of the Outpatient Headache Clinic and the Headache Research Center (Centro de Estudos de Cefaleias) and Past Manager of the Outpatient Neurologic Clinic of the Department of Neurology of the Hospital Santo António, Porto, Portugal. His main interest is on the research of epidemiology and social impact of headaches, quality of life of headache patients, on headaches associated with vascular lesions, cervicogenic headaches, chronic daily headaches, neurophysiology of pain and autonomic nervous system, and treatment (drug trials) of migraine, but for the last two decades, mainly on genetics of migraine. He has several publications in international (75) and national (161) scientific journals and books (11) and book chapters (14) and over 500 communications in international (193) and national meetings (352).

    Dr Pereira Monteiro is Past-Member of the International Board of Functional Neurology and Co-Editor of a supplement of Functional Neurology on The Acute treatment of Migraine Attack, Editor of a Portuguese book on headache, "As Cefaleias na Clínica Geral" 1st and 2nd edition. He is Founder Member of the Portuguese Headache Society and of the European Headache Federation (EHF), and a Past-Member of the Executive Committee, Public Relations, Research Committees and of the Cluster Club of the EHF and of the Ethics Committee and Public Relations Committee. He was also Founder and first President of the IHS Portuguese Linguistic Committee and past representative of the Portuguese Headache Society to IHS and the European Headache Federation. He is also a past member of the Cervicogenic Headache International Study Group, Task Force on Chronic Daily Headache and Serotonin Club, Past-President of the Portuguese Neurological Society, Past delegate of the Portuguese Neurological Society at the European Federation of Neurological Societies and World Federation of Neurology, and Past President of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Cefaleias. Dr Pereira Monteiro is an Effective Member of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia, Sociedade Portuguesa de Cefaleias,  American Academy of Neurology (AAN), World Federation of Neurology (WFN), Member of the Research Groups on epidemiology, infectious diseases and headaches of the AAN and on Autonomic Disorders and Headaches of the WFN.



Colette-Marie Andree
Hossein Ansari
Mads Barløse
Soo-Jin Cho
Fabiola Dach
Ilse De Coo
Charly Gaul
Peter J Goadsby
Rigmor Agnethe Jensen
Dragutin Kadoic
Fernando Kowacs
Nina Latysheva
Carlo Lisotto
Alexander Nesbitt
Mark Obermann
Elsa Paixao Parreira
Mario Peres
Aminur Rahman
Paolo Rossi
Todd Rozen
Lidia Savi
Elliot Shevel
Michalis Vikelis
Elisabeth Waldenlind
Leopoldine Wilbrink


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