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Board & committees

Board of Trustees

The 12 members of the Board of Trustees include the four Officers of the Society (President, President-elect, Treasurer and Secretary). The President, President-elect and six Trustees are elected by the membership; three Trustees are appointed to add under-represented perspectives and/or specific expertise to the Board. The elected members are elected to 2-year terms of office by the membership during the AGM held during the International Headache Congress, automatically renewable for a second 2-year term. Any standard member of the Society may be nominated to join the Board of Trustees. Additional Trustees can be Co-opted by the Board to serve a 2-year term.

Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups

The Society's 20 Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups each have a specific role and advise the Board of Trustees on particular aspects of the business and/or functions of the Society. Each has a Chairman appointed by the Board of Trustees who must be a member of the Society. There are standing and ad-hoc Standing Committees. Both have prescribed areas of responsibility, standing committees remaining permanently in place with continuous activities or functions, ad-hoc being reconstituted from time to time to carry out particular initiatives. The Linguistic Special Interest Groups have more general responsibility for promoting the Society's objectives amongst those whose first language is not English. Click on the individual Committees in the menu below for details of each Committee's aims and activities together with the names and contact details of the Chairmen and members.

Select individual committees from the drop-down menu for remit, members and activitites.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is comprised of the Chairmen of the Standing Committees and Special Interest Groups and the elected representatives of member National Societies. The Advisory Council meets annually to report their activities and give advice to the Board of Trustees. 

Task Forces

The Board of Trustees and Standing Committees can create Task Forces as required to undertake specific one-off time-limited activities.


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Board of trustees


  • Messoud Ashina (Denmark)
    Institution: Danish Headache Center, Rigshospitalet Glostrup, University of Copenhagen
    Country: Denmark

    Messoud Ashina is Professor of Neurology in the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is also Director of the Human Migraine Research Unit at the Danish Headache Center and Department of Neurology, Rigshospitalet Glostrup.

    Professor Ashina has been actively involved in headache research since 1995. His research interests include experimental migraine and cluster headache models, functional neuroimaging, novel antimigraine drug targets, mechanism of migraine and action of antimigraine medications. He has authored over 400 papers, abstracts and book chapters on the topic of headache, including migraine and cluster headache.

    Messoud Ashina serves as associate editor of Cephalalgia, associate editor of Headache and co-editor of The Journal of Headache and Pain. Professor Ashina is President of the International Headache Society and General Secretary of the European Headache Federation.


    Scientific journals: Associate Editor of Cephalalgia, Co-Editor of Journal of Headache and Pain, Associate Editor of Headache.
    Organizations: General Secretary of the European Headache Federation, member of the European Academy of Neurology Scientific Panel on Headache
    Consulting: Allergan, Amgen, Eli Lilly, Lundbeck, Novartis, Percept and Teva
    Principal investigator (ongoing): Amgen, Allergan, Eli Lilly, Novartis
    Research grants: Lundbeck Foundation, Novartis, Novo Nordisk Foundation


  • Cristina Tassorelli (Italy)
    Institution: Neurological Institute C Mondino Foundation
    Country: Italy

    Director of the Headache Science Centre and of the Neurorehabilitative Unit at the IRCCS C. Mondino Foundation
    Chair of Neurology,  Director of the Neurology Residency Program and Vice-director of the Department of Brain and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Pavia.
    Dr Tassorelli received a medical degree summa cum laude from the University of Pavia. She was an intern at the C. Mondino National Neurological Institute as part of her MD training, completed her training in Neurology at the University of Pavia and then obtained a PhD Degree in Human Psychobiology at the University of Modena (Italy). She spent a 2-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Dept. of Neuroscience of the University of Rochester (NY).

    She has served as a director in the Board of the International Headache Society, Chair of the IHS Committee for the Guidelines of Clinical Trials  and is presently President-elect.
    She was a founding member and vice-President of the European Headache Alliance.
    She is presently Chief Section Editor of Frontiers in Neurology, section Headache Medicine and Facial Pain.

    She has been the coordinator and/or a partner in competitive grants funded by the EU, the Migraine Research Foundation, the Italian Ministry of Health and the Italian Ministry of University.
    Dr. Tassorelli has authored more than 270 peer-reviewed publications and coauthored several books and book chapters.


    Fees for lecturing and participation in Advisory Boards from Allergan, electroCore, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Teva and Biohaven
    PI or Collaborator for clinical trials sponsored by electroCore, Allergan, Novartis, Teva and Eli Lilly


Honorary Secretary:

  • Stefan Evers (Germany)
    Institution: University of Münster and Krankenhaus Lindenbrunn
    Country: Germany

    Stefan Evers received his MD in medicine and his PhD in musicology at the University of Münster, Germany. After training in general neurology including 1 year of research at the Institute of Neurology, London, he became consultant and Professor of Neurology at the Department of Neurology, University of Münster. In 2012 he became Head of the Neurological Hospital "Lindenbrunn".

    Stefan Evers was President of the German Migraine and Headache Society from 2003 to 2007 and Chair of the Headache Panel of the European Federation of Neurological Societies from 2003 to 2010. Since 2015 he is Chair of the Headache Panel of the European Academy of Neurology. Since 2011 he has been Honorary General Secretary of the IHS.

    He has published more than 220 scientific papers and several book chapters and books on headache and migraine, pain research, and general clinical neurology. Besides pain, special fields of interest are epilepsy, stroke, neuromanifestations of HIV infection, and the neurobiology of music.

    Honoraria for consulting: Allergan, Reckitt Benckiser, Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Novartis, TEVA
    Speaker's honoraria: Allergan, Reckitt Benckiser, Lilly, Novartis, TEVA

Honorary Treasurer:

  • Wendy Thomas (UK)
    Country: UK

    Wendy Thomas is past Chief Executive of The Migraine Trust, the health and medical research charity for migraine in the United Kingdom. She is also a director and chair of the Migraine Trust International Symposium  Ltd. (appointed by The Migraine Trust), 

    She is currently Treasurer of the British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH).

    Ms Thomas' interests have been in charity governance and in particular the importance of the control of financial aspects of the organisation concerned. She works to ensure that the finances of IHS are on a sound footing and stay that way, and aims to make the finances to be transparent and therefore easy for the non-financial mind to understand.

    Treasurer of British Association for the Study of Headache; Director and chair of the Migraine Trust International Symposium Ltd.

Past president:

  • Lars Edvinsson (Sweden)
    Institution: University Hospital of Lund
    Country: Sweden

    Lars Edvinsson is currently Professor and senior consultant at Lund University/Hospital in Internal Medicine, MD PhD, and Chairman of the Swedish Migraine Society, on the board of EHF, immediate past president of IHS.

    In 2008 Lars Edvinsson was called to be professor at the Copenhagen University in "Receptor Regulation in Cerebrovascular and Cardiovascular Diseases" and in 2007 funded and is currently Director of the Glostrup Research Park, Copenhagen. In 2012 he received a Lifetime Achievement award from American Headache colleagues (Stowe, VT), and Honoray Dr Hon Causa in Szeged, Hungary.

    He has a long history in studies of the cerebral circulation, innervation, receptors and function. In 1984 He was the first to describe CGRP in cranial vessels and the trigeminal ganglion, showed the release of CGRP in conjunction with migraine and cluster headache attacks, and has been instrumental in the development of novel CGRP receptor antagonists. His current work is centered at finding lokalisation of CGRP family of receptors in cranial structures and in CNS in order to illustrate the possible sites of action of novel CGRP acting drugs. The work involves also studies of other possible migraine candidates such as PACAP and 5-HT subtype receptor expressions as well as studies of their interactions and functional roles.

    Supported by companies for talks at different symposia and locally

Elected Trustees:

  • Fayyaz Ahmed (UK)
    Institution: Hull Royal Infirmary
    Country: UK

    Dr Fayyaz Ahmed is a Consultant Neurologist and Hon. Senior Lecturer at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Hull York Medical School. Dr Ahmed graduated from Dow Medical College Karachi, Pakistan in 1986.  He moved on to the UK after his residency and received his neurology training at St James’s University Hospital, Leeds and Imperial College London.  He did his research on cerebral blood flow in migraine and clinical training in headache at the Princess Margaret Migraine Clinic, Charing Cross Hospital, London.  He was appointed as Consultant Neurologist in Hull in 1996 where he established a dedicated headache clinic. He did his MBA in Public Sector Management from University of Hull in 2010 and a post-graduate certificate in medical education (PGCME) in 2015 and is currently the Educational Officer of the British Association for the Study of Headache having served as a Secretary (2005-2008), Vice Chair (2009-2010) and Chair (2011-2013). He is a Trustee of the International Headache Society and Migraine Trust, Chair of Anglo-Dutch Migraine Association (ADMA), member of Headache advisory group at the Association of British Neurologist and Director of Migraine Trust International Symposium (MTIS). He is a former Chair of Headache UK and Director of the European Headache and Migraine Trust International Congress (EHMTIC). He served on NICE in the development of Headache Guideline (CG150) and has co-authored the current BASH guidelines 2019.

    Trustee of Migraine Trust, Migraine Trust International Symposium (MTIS), British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH) and Anglo Dutch Migraine Association (ADMA), Association of British Neurologists (ABN), North of England Neurological Association (NENA) and Dow Graduate Association of Northern Europe (Dogane). Received honoraria paid to charity from Allergan, Novartis, Teva, electroCore, and Eneura

  • Gianluca Coppola (Italy)
    Institution: Sapienza University of Rome
    Country: Italy

    Gianluca Coppola, MD, PhD, is board-certified neurologist since 2005 and holds doctoral degree from Sapienza University of Rome. He is clinical neurologist at Sapienza University of Rome Polo Pontino. He obtained the certification of Full Professor of Neurology. He is member of the International Headache Society, of the Italian Societies for the Study of Headache, of Clinical Neurophysiology, of Psychophysiology, of Neurology, and of Psychophysiology and Cognitive Neurosciences.


    Secretary - Italian Society for the Study of Headaches (SISC)

  • Mario Peres (Brazil)
    Institution: Sao Paulo Headache Center
    Country: Brazil

    Mario F P Peres, MD, PhD, FACP, is the Founder of the São Paulo Headache Center and Program Director of the Headache Medicine training for the Neurology Residency Program at Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil. Senior Researcher and Professor of Postgraduation at Albert Einstein Hospital and at Psychiatry Institute, São Paulo State University Medical School. Born in São Paulo in 1971, had neurology residency training in 1998, PhD in Neurology in 2000 at Federal University of São Paulo, Headache Fellowship at Jefferson Headache Center, Thomas Jefferson University in 2000-2001.
    Dr Peres has authored and/or co-authored more than 130 peer-reviewed publications, book chapters, and a book to headache patients. He has been dedicated the past 15 years full time to the headache field, in clinical practice, academic training, public awareness and research. Developed a headache medicine E-learning program for health professionals, a headache diary app, and internet content with more than 10 million individual page views in the past years.

    He has been served as member of several committees at the Internation Headache Society and Brazilian Headache Society, currently part of the Ethics Committee, Cluster Headache Study Group, and Headache Classification working group, and is a member of the IHS-GPAC Core Team.
    Consulting / advisory board: Eli Lilly, Novartis, Eurofarma, Teva, Allergan

  • Patricia Pozo-Rosich (Spain)
    Institution: University Hospital Vall d Hebron
    Country: Spain

    Patricia Pozo-Rosich, MD PhD, is a specialist in neurology, and is currently in charge of the Headache and Neurological Pain Clinical Unit at the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain, and the Headache Research Laboratory at the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research (VHIR), which is a part of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

    After winning the La Caixa and AHS awards, she became a Fellow in Basic Research, first with Professor Stephen Silberstein at the Thomas Jefferson University, PA, US, and subsequently, collaborated with Professor Peter Goadsby on research projects at both the University College London, UK, and the University of California San Francisco, CA, US.

    Dr Pozo-Rosich’s research focuses on improving the quality of life of patients suffering from headache by increasing our understanding of headache pathophysiology. In her role as a member of the International Headache Genetics Consortium, she has been involved in numerous projects on the genetics of migraine. She has received funding from the Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias (ISCIII), the La Marató de TV3 Foundation, the Migraine Research Foundation and la Caixa Foundation, to develop translational research projects. Her clinical research experience includes participating as a principal investigator in phase II, III and IV trials.

    She has directed PhD students and teaches residents, students, neurologists and other physicians. She is a professor in the Translational Research Master at the VHIR.

    She is a member of the International Headache Society, where she is a member of the Clinical Trials Guidelines Committee and the IHS Women’s Leadership Forum. She is also a member of the American Headache Society. She is the past-president of the Headache Study Group of the Spanish Neurological Society (

    She is the Editor for Headache in Revista de Neurologia, Associate Editor for Frontiers in Neurology – Headache Section- and the Journal of Headache and Pain. She has published  original and review papers, , book chapters, and edited several National Guidelines, authored a book and launched the website for the Headache Spanish speaking community focused both on patients and physicians.
    Consulting, Educational and Speaker fees: Allergan,Almirall, Chiesi, Eli Lilly, Novartis, Teva


  • Todd Schwedt (USA)
    Institution: Mayo Clinic
    Country: USA

    TTodd Schwedt, MD, MSCI is a Professor of Neurology and Chair of Neurology Research at the Mayo Clinic Arizona.  In addition to his clinical duties in the Mayo Headache Clinic, he leads an active headache research portfolio.  He is a principal investigator of the Neuroimaging of Headache Laboratory at Mayo Clinic, of the American Registry for Migraine Research (ARMR), the Medication Overuse Treatment Strategy Trial (MOTS), and he is the Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Arizona Clinical Studies Unit. He was a recipient of the 2015 Harold G. Wolff Award from the American Headache Society, an award presented annually to a researcher who has most significantly contributed to the understanding of headache. Dr. Schwedt serves on the Executive Committee for the Board of Directors for the American Headache Society, is Co-Chair for the 2021 International Headache Congress, is a member of the American Headache Society scientific meeting planning committee, is the chairperson of the post-traumatic headache working group for the International Classification of Headache Disorders, and is an associate editor for Cephalalgia, Headache, and Headache Currents. Dr. Schwedt is a frequent lecturer and has authored over 115 peer-reviewed publications.


    Research Funding: National Institutes of Health (NIH); United States Department of Defense (DOD); Mayo Clinic / Arizona State University; American Migraine Foundation; Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), Amgen
    Consulting: Alder, Allergan; Amgen; Avanir; Biohaven, Dr. Reddy’s, Eli Lilly, Equinox, Ipsen Bioscience, Novartis; Teva, XoC Pharmaceuticals
    Options: Aural Analytics, Nocira, Second Opinion

  • Alexandra Sinclair (UK)
    Institution: University of Birmingham
    Country: UK

    Professor Alexandra Sinclair MBChB (Hons) MRCP, PhD graduated from the University of Birmingham School of Medicine in 2000 and attained her MRCP in 2003. She then trained as a Neurology Specialist Registrar in the West Midlands before taking time out of her training to pursue research interests as a Medical Research Council, Clinical Research Training Fellow at the University of Birmingham.

    She attained her PhD in 2010 along with a number of prizes for her research: Steven Whittaker Prize, West Midlands Physicians Association (November 2009), Pushpa Chopra Prize, runner-up, Medical Research Society, UK (February 2009), Individual Speciality Award, Medical Research Society, UK (February 2008), Michael Jefferson Prize, Midlands Neurology Society (November 2007) and a poster prize, Society for Endocrinology (March 2007).

    Professor Sinclair now works as a Clinician Scientist with a role combining clinical neurology with translational research into idiopathic intracranial hypertension and the neuroendocrine aspects of headache.

    Professor Sinclair and her research group recently hosted a high profile visit from NASA. NASA are interested in Professor Sinclair's expertise on raised Intracranial pressure stemming from her leading Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension clinical service at University Hospital Birmingham coupled with her translational science portfolio at the University of Birmingham. Her recent discovery of the novel use of Glucogon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists to reduce intracranial pressure are of particular interest to the NASA team in their quest to reduce brain pressure during long duration space travel and allow them to go beyond the Moon.

    Honoraria for advisory boards and talks from Novartis and Allergan. Clinical Headache fellow supported for 1 year by each of Novartis and Allergan. Executive Director of Invex Therapeutics with share options.

Ex-officio Trustee:

  • Arne May (Germany)
    Institution: Universitäts-Krankenhaus Eppendorf (UKE)
    Country: Germany

    Arne May is a Professor of Neurology in the Department of Systems Neuroscience at the University of Hamburg and head of the headache outpatient clinic and the facial outpatient clinic of the University clinic of Hamburg. His major research interests are the basic mechanisms of facial and headpain, the chronification of pain and plasticity within the human brain. The work of his group involves human imaging studies in primary headache as well as experimental studies of trigeminovascular nociception, with the aim of understanding how to modulate facial and headache syndromes and chronicity of pain. Prior to his position at the University of Hamburg, Professor May was a clinician and conducted research into pain and headache syndromes at the University of Regensburg. Prior to this he completed his residency in the Neurology Department of the University of Essen, followed by post-doctorate studies at the Institute of Neurology in London. Professor May is currently a member of the Board of trustees of the International Headache Society since 2013. He has published around 300 original and review articles with an h-index of 66 and is since 2016 the Editor of Cephalalgia.


  • Allan Purdy (Canada)
    Institution: Dalhousie University
    Country: Canada

    R. Allan Purdy MD, FRCPC, is Professor of Medicine (Neurology) at Dalhousie University. He was Professor and Head of the Department of Medicine, and Chief of the Medicine Service of the Department of Medicine at Dalhousie and Capital Health from 2005 to June of 2011. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, and was elected a Fellow of the American College of Physicians in 2008. He previously was the Professor and Head of Neurology at Dalhousie from 1994 to 2006. He is a Fellow of the American Headache Society and is the current Past-President of the American Headache Society. 

    Dr. Purdy is Past - President of the Canadian Headache Society. He is the Chair of the Education Committee of the International Headache Society and is on the Board of Directors of the both Societies. He directs headache educational courses worldwide, and has received Excellence in Teaching Awards on many occasions. He has been involved in guideline develop for the treatment of migraine and has been involved in clinical research in migraine and has several publications.

    He is co-editor of Advanced Therapy of Headache and co-author of Headache Pocket Clinician 2010 from Cambridge University Press. In 2005 he received the Arnold P. Friedman Distinguished Clinician Research Award from the American Headache Society for outstanding contribution to the field of headache, and the 2007 Life Time Achievement Award from the Headache Cooperative of New England. He has been on the Editorial Board of Cephalalgia and is currently an Associate Editor for Headache. He is the 2018 recipient of the John R. Graham Lecture Award from the American Headache Society for international leadership in research and education in the field of headache. In 2019 he received the John Edmeads Award from the Canadian Headache Society for his work in the field of headache and resident education in Canada.


Co-opted Trustees:

  • Mi Ji Lee (S Korea)
    Institution: Samsung Medical Center, Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine
    Country: S Korea

    Mi Ji (Miji) Lee, MD, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology at the Sungkyunkwan University in Korea. She has been working as a headache specialist in the Neurology department of Samsung Medical Center and actively performing research on headache disorders.

    Dr. Lee obtained her MD, summa sum laude, at the Sungkyunkwan University. She completed the Neurology residency and 3-year fellowship in the field of stroke and headache in Samsung Medical Center.
    She is an associate academic director of Korean Headache Society. She has served as a Juniors Group member of International Headache Society.

    She received several research awards and grants. She received Hyangseol young investigator award for the distinguished research performance in neurology and LG future medical investigator award for having highest research performance in the whole medical field in Korea. She has been selected as a rising researcher by the Korean Academy of Science and Technology, which nominates investigators having outstanding research performance in the whole science field. She got research grants from the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Korea and the Korean Society of Neurosonology.

    She authored more than 100 papers, abstracts, and book chapters on the topic of headache and stroke. Her research interests include migraine, cluster headache, RCVS, pressure-related headache, and other primary and secondary headaches. In addition to several investigator-initiated studies completed or ongoing, she acted as a site PI of phase III trials of anti-CGRP monoclonal antibodies. She is working on several international collaborative projects on migraine, cluster headache, and RCVS.

    Speaker fees: Sanofi-Aventis, YuYu Pharma. Research support: Yuhan Company. Consulting/advisory board: Eli Lilly

  • Marco Lisicki (Argentina)
    Institution: Conci . Carpinella Institute
    Country: Argentina

    Marco Lisicki MD, PhD, MHD, is a Latin American Headache Neurologist. He coordinates the multidisciplinary headache and neuropathic pain clinical and research team of the Neuroscience Unit at Conci∙Carpinella Institute in Córdoba, Argentina. He obtained his Medicine and Neurology Specialist Degrees in Córdoba, and holds a Master of Headache Disorders Diploma from the University of Copenhagen and a PhD from the University of Liège. He is a former member of the IHS Trainees and Residents Special Interest Group. His research interests include headache pathophysiology, treatment, and burden. He is actively involved in the development of local patients associations, as well as in other activities that aim to increase headache awareness in the region.

    Honoraria and travel grants from Novartis. Travel grants from Allergan. Research support to laboratory (2015-2018) from Cefaly Technology, Electrocore, Amgen, Novartis, Teva, Eli Lilly and Co. 

  • Aynur Ozge (Turkey)
    Institution: Mersin University School of Medicine
    Country: Turkey

    Professor of Neurology, Algology and Clinical Neurophysiology in Mersin University School of Medicine in Turkey, an international lecturer, writer, and the founder and active chairwoman of the board for the Turkish Alzheimer’s Association Mersin Branch. She founded the first and unique Dementia-Alzheimer Elderly Care Center in the country which specializes in a unique 5-step comprehensive care model for coping with Alzheimer’s Disease.



  • Kirill Skorobogatykh (Russian Federation)
    Institution: University Headache Clinic Moscow
    Country: Russian Federation

    Dr Kirill Skorobogatykh MD, PhD is neurologist, headache specialist, head of University Headache Clinic (Moscow, Russia).

    He completed neurology residency training in 2005, PhD in neurology in 2008 in Sechenov University (Moscow), had clinical observership at Jefferson Headache Center, Thomas Jefferson University in 2010.

    In 2012 Dr Skorobogatykh founded the University Headache Clinic in Moscow, which is now center for clinical work, research and education for headache specialists. Dr Skorobogatykh research focuses on epidemiology, comorbidity and genetics of migraine. He participated as PI or SI in phase III and IV clinical trials. He is representative of Russia to the European Headache Federation and a member of the International Headache Federation.

    Dr Skorobogatykh is a frequent lecturer on headache and pain disorders for residents, neurologists and other physicians. Since 2013 co-organises Russian Headache Congress (approx. 400 attendees each year) which was supported by IHS (in 2017) and by EHF (in 2018 and 2019). He is co-orginizer of the EHF Headache schools in Moscow. He has special commitment for raising the awareness of migraine in media.

    Dr Skorobogatykh has particular interest not only in clinical work and education, but also in the development of tools that help patients and doctors to interact, for example, developed chat-based headache diary Migrebot.

    Fees for lecturing and participation in advisory boards from Novartis and Teva.
    Primary investigator or SI for clinical trials sponsored by Allergan, Novartis, Teva, Alder and Eli Lilly.



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