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Awards, training, newsletters

IHS Fellowship 2019, Junior Travel Grants, Headache Trainee Programme and Short-stay Scholarships

Application for these 2019 grants is now closed. Please visit later in the year for details of grants in 2020


IHS Visiting Professors


The Visiting Professors initiative aims to send headache specialists as representatives of IHS to attend regional meetings, or teach at a headache centre, in countries that might need or want increased headache education and motivation and where, without financial support, attendance of an international specialist would not be possible

See below for more details

For more information on all these opportunities, please see the details below


Other research opportunities

Awards / Fellowships / Scholarships / Research opportunities offered by other institutions can be found in the Awards / Training Programmes sections below.

University of Copenhagen - Master in Headache Disorders (MHD)

Application is now open for the 3rd Master in Headache Disorders (MHD) at the University of Copenhagen. This is a 2-year part time program on all headache disorders following which you will receive an Academic Master Degree.

In MHD1 from 2016-2018 17 Masters graduated with excellence and at present 23 MHD2 students will graduate in June 2020. They come from 17 different countries from The Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, Europe and USA. The students background qualifications in MHD2 are a great interest and experience in clinical management of pain and headache. The group consists of 16 neurologists, 1 GP, 4 nurses, 1 physiotherapist and 1 osteopath.

In a world with limited resources education is the key, especially within the headache field, where there is a significant unmet need for academic education.

For more information please click HERE

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